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Florida Counties
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Buying Florida land is a great way to invest for your future. Unlike stocks that continue to fluctuate Florida land has been appreciating faster than any other investment know today. By 2030, the population of Florida will have surpassed New York as the nation's third largest, according to the Census Bureau. Estimates show a gain of 11 million residents over the next 25 years. The latest census predictions show Florida's current population of 17.5 million approaching 20 million by 2010 and topping 21 million five years later. The highest percentage of people relocates in coastal areas making land investment in this area quite lucrative. About 40 percent of the projected growth will come from people 65 and older. The elderly will comprise 27.1 percent of Florida's population in 2030 -- up from 17.6 percent in 2000. Florida will be one of 10 states where retirees will outnumber schoolchildren. In 2000, children outnumbered people 65 and older by 840,000 in the state of Florida. But ...by 2030, the "under 18" population will be outnumbered by the older population (estimated at 2 million older people than children). Florida's youth population will drop from 23 percent to 20 percent.

YES – Even in this Financial Crisis, Investing in Land is the BEST option

The fall, 2007 mortgage/credit crisis is creating many opportunities to buy well located land & lots at bargain prices. Rarely do buyers have the chance to buy at absolute market bottoms and land is the best way to participate when the Florida real estate market has its price recovery. After the real estate boom that topped out in mid-2005 we are seeing the bottom of a price collapse that has reduced land prices 60 to 80 percent. Based on Florida's long term high growth rate from immigration, retiring baby-boomers, and others attracted to Florida's climate, beaches, and high employment growth, this chance to buy land at dramatically low prices will be the best we will see in our lifetimes. The need for well-located land is growing; Florida's population grew by 314,000 in 2007 and has grown by more than 2,000,000 since the year 2000. Florida created the most jobs of any state in 2006, with 211,400 new jobs. The October, 2007 unemployment rate was only 4.0 percent.

Price cycles are more extreme in land than other real estate. We are passing the low point of this cycle, which is down 60 to 80% from the summer, 2005 high point of the last cycle. Buyers at this point in the cycle can possibly make 100 to 150% or more when prices get back to the levels of the summer of 2005. Since prices at each cycle high usually exceed the previous highs, potential gains are excellent compared to most other investments. Building lot values grow consistently over time because the population of Florida is growing by 300,000+ people/year and the amount of desirable, buildable land is shrinking. Land in South Florida and within a 30 minute drive of the coast is the most likely to increase in value because that's where 90 percent of the people want to live.

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